At Moxons we offer a range of funding solutions. At the outset we will estimate the costs of proceeding with your case and the likely costs of different eventualities. Not all claims are privately funded and we offer the following funding options:

Legal Aid

We will assess your income to establish whether you qualify for Legal Aid. We will then assess the prospect of success of your claim before submitting an application - the first step is always to check the viability of an application. If you require more information please go to the Legal Aid Calculator which can be found at

Conditional Fee Agreement (‘No Win, No Fee’)

Many civil claims are suitable for No win no fee agreements and we can discuss with you whether your claim would qualify.

Insurance backing

For civil disputes and personal injury claims it is often possible to use your existing insurance cover, as part of your home, contents or car insurance. We will investigate all these options with you at your first appointment.

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