Pre-nuptial - Cohabitation Agreements

If you are intending to marry or live with your partner, we can advise you about the appropriate agreements.

Most couples choose to live together these days prior to deciding to get married and think that they enjoy the same rights as married couples.

This is not the case and if your relationship comes to an end difficulties may arise over your property and financial rights. By agreeing in advance how your financial isses are divided, disputes can be avoided.

In England and Wales, the Courts retain the right to make orders disposing of financial claims, even where there is a pre-nuptial contract. However, the Courts recognise that many couples want to have some control as to how their assets are divided if they were to divorce.

The Courts may decide that a pre-nuptial agreement is fair and therefore it is proper to give it effect. Accordingly, pre-nuptial agreements are becoming very popular and can, if properly drafted, be a way of minimising disputes following marital breakdown.

Established in 1889