Children Contact & Residence

Our specialist team of solicitors know exactly how sensitive this issue can be, we offer expert assistance in contact, residence orders, name changes and parental responsibility...

We have a team of Solicitors and Advocates who specialise in issues relating to children, including Advocates who are members of the Law Society Children Panel.

We can offer detailed advice and expert assistance in relation to all matters involving children which divorcing and separating couples are likely to encounter. These include the following:-

  • Difficulties in relation to contact. If your children are not living with you, we will negotiate or make an application to the Court to maintain your relationship with your children to ensure regular contact.
  • Issues in relation to where the children live. Sometimes, couples cannot agree with whom the children are to live. Applications to Court can be made in relation to where the children will reside; these are called Residence Orders.
  • Change of Name issues. These are common disputes, we can give you detailed advice in relation to the Court’s approach and what applications you can make if there is a problem in relation to your child’s name being changed.
  • We can make the appropriate Court application in relation to any disputes involving the removal of children to another part of the country, or outside the UK.
  • Parental Responsibility. If you are not married and you are the father of the child, in some circumstances you will not have Parental Responsibility. This means that you do not have any legal or formal involvement in relation to your child’s education, health and welfare. We can give you advice in relation to applications to Court and agreements that can be made to ensure that you have Parental Responsibility.
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